To Parents, Guardians, and Loving Adults,

The Night Before My Birthday Book looks like a children’s book, but it much more than that. It's a family book, a tradition, and a keepsake. The book is read on the eve of the birthday while your young one is tucked in bed, full of anticipation. It's a night of transition, birthday wishes, and dreams as your child prepares to go to sleep and magically wake up one year older.

Children come into our hearts and homes in different ways, and there are different types of families. My birthday wish for you as parents, step-parents, and loved ones is not just to create a tradition for your child, but for you as well. The Night Before My Birthday Book is a way to celebrate the continuous transitions and joys of family life. It gives me great joy to share our family tradition with you.

The Night Before My Birthday Book Jacket Cover

How to Use This Book

You’ll see blank spaces on some of the pages. As you read the first two blanks, you’ll say your child’s present age. The rest of the blanks are for saying their new age and how many hugs and kisses they’ll get when they awake, and how many candles on their birthday cake.

At the back of the book you’ll find pages to keep a birthday chronicle. On those pages you can record who read the book to the birthday child, the date, and which birthday is being celebrated. There are lines to include dreams that came true in the past year, events and accomplishments to remember. It’s a childhood memoir, a hardcover keepsake for a lifetime. Happy Birthdays!

Joni Rubinstein - 2018