The Night before My Birthday Book is proud to partner with Birthday Wishes, a nonprofit organization based in Newton, MA by donating $1.00 for every book sold on this website. Birthday Wishes’ mission is to provide birthday parties for children experiencing homelessness in shelters.  A birthday is a meaningful event in the life of a child. Birthday celebrations are a way we show children that they matter, belong, and that our lives are richer because of them.  Birthday Wishes was founded on the belief that every child, regardless of their living situation, should have their birthday recognized and joyfully celebrated surrounded by family, friends, and others who care. Birthday Wishes has found that something as simple as a birthday party has the power to make these children feel valued and, perhaps more important, like a “regular kid”. Birthday Wishes brings the magic of a birthday party to thousands of homeless children each year.

Birthday Wishes LogoWhen I learned about Birthday Wishes I resonated with their mission and loved the connection we shared with birthdays.  The Night before My Birthday Book is all about celebrating children coming into our hearts and homes and thinking about children in shelters on their birthdays touched my heart. For too many children shelters are the key to physical and emotional survival. I knew that Birthday Wishes was a good fit for Supporting Dreams and I contacted them at their Newton MA office.  We sent them some books for several shelters they support and we continue to support them with funds and books for their organization.

Children experience high rates of chronic and acute health problems while homeless. The constant barrage of stressful and traumatic experiences also has profound effects on their development, physical and mental health, and ability to learn. Take a moment and imagine being a young child going to bed in a shelter on the night before your birthday. Now think about how different that night in the shelter would be if your mother or a caring adult tucked you into bed and read you the book, and how different you would feel when you woke up on your birthday morning. Imagine the wonder of having a birthday party with gifts, cake, and caring people singing the birthday song.  Both The Night Before My Birthday Book and Birthday Wishes are about connection, celebration, and creating joyful, loving memories that last a lifetime. And you can help make that celebration happen.